Brief Intro

I am currently a doctoral researcher (3rd year PhD candidate) at INRIA - Nancy, France. My broad area of interests comes under the umbrella of machine learning, reinforcement learning and machine learning for robotics (i.e robot learning). During my PhD I have been working on algorithms that enable robots (or any dynamical system, agent) to learn controllers/policies with as fewer interactions as possible with the robot/system. Data efficiency in robot policy search has been my primary focus and I am trying to develop and improve data-efficient model-based policy search approaches for non-sparse as well as sparse reward set up of reinforcement learning.



  • PhD (since October 2016):
    • University de Lorraine/ INRIA - Nancy, France.
    • Supervisor: Dr. Jean-Baptiste Mouret
    • Topic: Data-Efficient Robot Learning using Priors from Simulators
  • M.Tech (2016):
    • Electronics Design and Technology
    • Tezpur University, India
    • Rank : 2nd in the batch
  • B.Tech (2012):
    • Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • Tezpur University, India
    • Rank: 1st rank in the batch