There is a famous saying “The best time to work on your plan was last year and the second best moment is NOW”. Yes ! Finally I grabbed the 2nd best moment to work on my long procrastinated plan to start an educational youtube channel about artificial intelligence, Machine learning and reinforcement learning.

Here is the link to my newly created channel : AI Talks - Rituraj Kaushik

At this moment it has only one introductory video where I talk about my research work and my idea behind creating the channel. As I love reinforcement learning so much, therefore, the first tutorial series is going to be on reinforcement learning. Plan is to cover all the classical RL approaches and slowly moving towards policy gradient approaches, data-efficient reinforcement learning approaches, curiosity driven approaches etc.

Talking about technology is always fun for me. Sometimes I can’t control my urge to talk to my wife about what I am upto in my research. But the problem is she is from humanities and so I have think of different analogies and simply the explanations so that she can understand it. After getting married only I realise we often complicate things using big jargons. Behind almost all the complex and state-fo-the-art scientific ideas there are very simple and intuitive explanations which you can explain to anybody from any field. This is my main the source of motivation to start the youtube channel : to make the world a bit simpler. Let’s see how far I can go in this pursuit. After all consistency is the key.

Here is the very first video on the channel: